Have a picky bird? We can help with that!

All bird lovers know that our feathered friends tend to be pretty finicky and wasteful eaters. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to ensure that your birdie is getting all of the nutrition that they need to thrive.7891e0fe8d483a82f8315156b004a91a

Birds are actually messy eaters instinctively. In the wild, birds knock down food for the animals on the ground, so a lot of them being messy eaters isn’t intentional, but there are things to try to help lessen the waste and ultimately save you some money.

If you feel as though your bird is shuffling through there food a lot, watch them 2830f522a5d8a1d4da0373c524fc446beat for a few days and see what it is that they are digging for. Most of the time the reason they are tossing there blends is because there is a specific nut or ingredient that they are looking for, that they favor. Once you can identify the ingredient, you can just buy the individual item and offer it in a second bowl.

Sometimes, providing your bird with a foraging toy can be a solution too. Your bird may just have the urge to dig and forage, and there foraging instinct isn’t being utilized elsewhere in their cage.

If you are having trouble finding a food that they really love, World’s Best Bird Food offers over 20 different gourmet blends containing a ton of superfoods world's best_parrot_foodmixed in a tasteful way that most birds can’t get enough of.

If your feathered friend is picky when it comes to bird food, but loves to eat people food, try a cookable bird food. World’s Best also offers cookable blends that are a favorite among the beaks! There are a variety of blends to try, some containing real pasta or rice that also have nutritional ingredients that are great for your bird’s health.

At the end of the day, finding your bird’s favorites can take a lot of time and trial runs. I suggest ordering a small amount of a few different blends and giving them each a few days to be introduced. Remember that birds are very intelligent animals and will not usually just run to a new food and dive in. They naturally want to make sure the food is safe for them to eat. Mixing in a new food with a food that is already liked is a good method, pretending to eat the food yourself 822b6b81ff43a52c002789ffd27dac07and showing them that you like it can work too. Another great technique is to put something that they love (a treat or nut that they favor) underneath the new food so that they have to dig through it, and end up tasting the food in the process.

Fruits and vegetables can also be used as toys with skewers to make them more intriguing to your bird. Good luck and be sure to check back for more tips, tricks, suggestions, and new items to offer your feathered friend!


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