The Double Yellow-Headed Amazon


One of the most popular companion parrots, the double yellow-headed Amazon is vibrantly colored and highly intelligent.newww

They average about 14 to 16″ in length and have a beautiful mostly deep green body. They have a bright yellow head and specks of yellow on their necks and backs and red specked shoulders. This beauty also has a white ring around their eyes.neww

They are native to Central America and Mexico and have a life expectancy of anywhere from 50 to 80 years in best health.

The Double Yellow is known for their advanced ability to do tricks, talk, mimic and sing. They can often repeat full phrases, a large vocabulary of words, illness-seizure-21755649and sing opera songs and tunes. (Shop training materials here)

They tend to be very outgoing and rambunctious birds and are pretty noisy, but a lot of fun.  They are huge chewers so buying the right toys is crucial when having an Amazon. (Shop our wood toys here) They easily can fall into destructive behavior, such as chewing up furniture, if not properly occupied. SkipperDoubleYellowHeadAmazon

As an owner of any parrot, it is crucial that you understand the time you will need to spend and the level of responsibility that will come with caring for a parrot, especially a high maintenance bird like this. If you decide to bring a DYH into your family as a baby, you can expect them to form a serious bond with one person in the family.Lolaportc

The Double Yellow-Headed Amazon loves to please humans and because of that is relatively easier to train and teach than most birds. This bird makes an amazing companion parrot for the right and responsible owner but can also be a lot of work.

They are extremely active birds and bore easily if not given a lot of “out of cage” time, toys, and interaction. (Shop our play stands and Java trees here).newnew

Shreddable and durable toys are a necessity for these birds. They love to play hard and need large and chunky toys to chew and destroy, the best options being wood, acrylic or leather toys.

These boisterous parrots usually have regular “screaming” times in the morning and in the evening, which are normal for the DYH. Screaming all day however, is not normal and may be a sign of a behavioral or environmental issue.

The double yellow-headed amazon 115c428b9c530bf5b84e401b8b6ade56however, is usually very easy to feed. They have a very large appetite and are one of the least picky birds. It is best to expose the bird to a variety of foods from the beginning and you should have no problem keeping their diet healthy and balanced. Their diet should be a balance of pellets, fruits, veggies, nuts and herbs. (Shop what we feed our Amazons here). They should staynew on a low-fat diet because obesity and fatty liver disease can be a concern for this Parrot. It is best to stay away from sunflower seeds entirely and to provide opportunity for exercise as frequently as possible.

These gorgeous parrots can be a lot of work but make amazing companions!

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