There’s a reason why Conures are one of the most popular pet birds; these parrots are the perfect combination of a spunky and friendly personality in an adorable little body. They range in size from about 10 to 21” in length and in best health can live for more than 30 years. They have long tail feathers and their colors and markings differ based on which type of Conure it is. Some of the most well known Conures include Sun Conures, Jenday Conures, Nanday Conures and Green Cheeked Conures.Sun_Conure

Sun Conures are predominantly vibrant yellow and orange with yellow and green wings and a blue and green tail. Their stunning markings and colors aren’t all these beauties have to offer though, they are extremely affectionate and sociable birds. They usually average about 12″ in length and are very playful and vocal birds.



Jenday_ConureJenday Conures look and act very similarly to the Sun Conure. They have basically the same coloring as Suns do, just in different markings and are also outgoing and playful little cuties.



The Nanday Conure has a black head with a green body and green and blue Nanday_Conurewings. They have a little bit of red markings on their legs and average about 13″ in length. They have huge personalities and are also very playful but have a tendency to be noisier than most Conures and can be pretty destructive if not closely watched.


Green_Cheek_ConuresGreen Cheeked Conures have primarily green bodies with grey markings above their chests and maroon tails and green and blue flight feathers. They run a little smaller than the other Conures and average about 10″ in length. These gorgeous birds are sweet and loving and pretty social, and tend to be less noisy than other Conures.



All Conures are known to make great family birds because of their small size and outgoing nature. Usually, Conures are able to learn tricks fairly easily, however each individual bird is different and at no time should you buy a specific species of bird for the sole purpose of talking, because each bird is different and has different abilities. Because of the Conure’s social nature they do require a lot of one-on-one attention and interaction. If they are not properly cared for they become noisier to try and get more attention. Conures

The Conure is a very active bird and requires a large cage and a lot of play opportunities and out-of-cage time (Shop bird cages here). Generally, Conures love to bathe and will usually splash and play in their water or bathing bowl daily (Shop bird grooming and bathing supplies here). Their diet should be a balance of non-colored pellets, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts, and herbs. (Shop Conure Bird Food Here).

Conures have super busy beaks and usually can figure out foraging toys easily. (Shop bird foraging toys here). They are very intelligent and love to untie knots, slide blocks and beads, and if given the proper attention look forward to cuddling and spending time with their human family daily.

Conures are some of the best family birds there are. They love to play and cuddle and receive attention and  interaction! As always we want the best for you and your birds and want you to be well informed before bringing any new birds into your feathered family. We, at MYBIRDSTORE.COM carry the largest online inventory for bird products, shop here.


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